07 July 2009

Shooting Zombies

So J's parents went out of town and are going to be out of town for some time, therefore we've just been living at his house for the past few days. Most time has been spent shooting zombies (no Danl, not Nazi Zombies, but rather the Parasitic Zombies of Resident Evil 5, but we do believe that we are now adequately prepared for the zombie apocalypse as well). We've also been working on some original material which will hopefully be finished soon. However, this also means that the blogging has been cast aside for a bit, but we will try to continue posting some tracks. Therefore, I bring you a few great tracks by Kaskade, who was definitely one of the best at EDC round 2 (I will post a review at some point...).


Walking On A Dream (Kaskade Remix) - Empire Of The Sun
Now there are a bunch of remixes of this song, way too many, but this one if by far the best and shouldn't even be grouped with the others. Extremely beautiful, my favorite song at the moment. Play this shit on repeat.

Move For Me (Extended Mix) - Kaskade & Deadmau5
He started his set with this. So pretty.

Sorry (Dirty South Remix) - Kaskade

Epic. One of the best Dirty South tracks.

Heartbreaker (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) - MSTRKRFT feat. John Legend (320)
Found a 320 kbps version. This song KILLS! God I love Wolfgang Gartner. Cheers to The Temple Of House Music, everyone should check their blog.

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