19 June 2009

Batch #3?

I think so. That kid looks like a doll or a dummy, I don't know it's just weird. This kid shouldn't listen to house music, he might pass out from dancing too much. I've decided for batches to put up a rating system with stars out of 5. Help you decide what you might want and what you might not want... Always helps me when I'm looking at blogs.

I just want to give a little shout out to all my friends in Boston for keeping me company while I've been here, not that they read this blog. Every single one finds electronic dance music of mostly any kind too repetitive. One of them didn't like Lava Lava when I showed it to him because he thought I was just showing him house, but then he heard it again and liked it, so it shows how much he was actually listening... Then again I also showed him Break the house down, he didn't like it, I put it on again, and he suddenly liked it. So who knows...


Mommy Complex (Barletta & Ernold Sane Remix) by Peaches Not new and not great quality, but god damn the song is so fucking cool. Hell yes. Definitely worth of being put into a higher energy electro set. That kid up there definitely feels a mommy complex. ****

Bob-Omb (Original Mix) by Darkwin Backwall So Ravey yet it still has that awesome kick. This one is going in the mix I'm currently making. And the end of that drop is so cool. ****

Hablando (Club Mix) by Vandalism Cool string sample. It's worth posting. ** (REMOVED)

Saturate by Chemical Brothers, I can't remember if I read this was new, but god damn it's AMAZING. And when I say AMAZING I really mean it. It's beautiful. Don't pass this one up...I mean it's Chemical Brothers, why would you? Sorry for poor quality. *****

What Say (Original Mix) by Sander Van Doom & Marco V, The song really takes like three minutes to get started but it's definitely really cool. Nice arppegiator action going on. ***

Probably going to be 1-2 more batches then back to getting specific artists.


  1. real nice blog, you guys got some fresh taste in music. keep it up