12 June 2009

Arias: En Francais

This post marks the end of our little Mau5trap feature, hope you enjoyed it. Julien Arias, commonly known as just Arias, is a French Progressive/Electro House DJ/producer here to remind us that France still makes great House music. This Parisian makes really massive tracks, all of which are beautiful in some way. I could see him getting played by those Swedish bastards we all love, and he's collaborated with Arno Cost as well as remixed David Guetta, Tristan Garner, and Noir. Favorites up top with collection at bottom:


Atlantic (Original Mix) - Arias

If you have somehow forgotten the meaning of the word Drop, this first one in this track will surely remind you. Progressive BOMB, will destroy crowd.

Saira (Original Mix) - Arias

Another bomb, this one way more Electro. I can't really explain this one, all I can say is awesome. It's like Crystal Castles meets Big Room Electro House, since the hook is this incredible chip sound.

Tomorrow Can Wait (Arias Seat Ibiza Remix) - David Guetta And Chris Willis Vs Tocadisco
So much better than the original. Hits really hard.

Sweet Melody (Original Mix) - Arias

So beautiful, I'd love to hear this track live.

Tutu (Original Mix) - Arias

This one is very recent if I'm not mistaken. Disclaimer: contains really catchy/dancey riff, will get stuck in head.

In addition, he has a fantastic remix of Insomnia, one of the most epic House tracks of all time, but there only seems to be one version out there and it has this tiny little glitch, making it not so DJ friendly, but here it is.
Insomnia (Arias Remix) - Faithless

And now collection time. If you like the above tracks, you really should dig through these, worth your time:
Arias Collection

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  1. I use tomorrow can wait ALL the time, I didnt think there could be a better version...

    thank you...so much