04 May 2009

TTC - Game Over '99

This is TTC's first EP, made/released in 1999, it's actually one of my favorite's by them (their early EP's may be their best work next to 3615) The first track Game Over uses some really awesome samples and sounds from what sounds like a SNES version of Mario (yay chiptune). Notice it's produced by Flash Gordon, which is actually the original pseudonym of Mr. Flash. Because of this track, Mr. Flash was almost signed to Big Dada Record Label but was snubbed and the Label decided to take TTC instead (because of some weird/superlame policy of not taking lone producers or something). The Second Track is produced by DJ Fab who produces for La Caution another popular french alternative hip-hop group (most notably helping produce their debut LP Asphalte Hurlante). I love the beats on this EP, really solid work, and teki's weird vocals are always awesome. >>>

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