29 May 2009

Louis La Roche Does It Proper

I thought the British and the French hate eachother, what the hell is the UK doing producing the best French House revivalist producer. Here are Louis La Roché's remixes, some old one new. Be sure to visit his myspace to grab his first EP for free in case you missed it.


My Heart Is Set On You (Louis La Roche Remix) - Heads We Dance

Just rediscovered this. Beautiful.

Shark In The Water (Louis La Roche Remix) - V V Brown

The new one, this track is the musical recreation of summer. Very poppy.

Thriller (Louis La Roche Remix) - Michael Jackson

Tied for best remix of Thriller with Laidback Luke.

Bernadette (Louis La Roche Remix) - The Amplid
Almost Breakbotish, similar style of French/House/Disco/Electro feel.

Absolute Ego Riot (Louis La Roche Remix) - The Phanatom's Revenge
This is exactly Louis' classic sound. The Phantom's Revenge will always be associated with Louis La Roche, similar sounds, so worth checking out if you like these.

Hunting High And Low (Louis La Roche Remix) - A-ha
First remix of his I got. This shit is incredible, amazing chopped vocals with epic 80's feel.

EDIT: Here's one forgot to put up: Raindrops (Louis La Roche Rework) by Basement Jaxx

In other news, we have another interview confirmed and hopefully coming shortly, and I must say I'm particularily excited for this one.

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