09 May 2009


Deadrat6 is a collaboration of a few guys, most notably Marcus Schossow, a trance DJ/producer from Sweden, who decided that they'd come together in a night and produce a few Deadmau5 style progressive tracks. They're point is to show that Deadmau5 tracks are boring, repetitive, and not unique. Do I agree? No. Is this hilarious? Absolutely. Armin Van Buuren played their track Very Exactly on his radio show, but unfortunately I couldn't get an mp3 of it, so you'll have to go to the myspace to hear it.

The Result Is Cheese - Deadrat6

And just in case anyone needs a reminder for how Deadmau5 can be original/awesome/the best producer alive right now:

Catbread (Original Mix) - Deadmau5

Dumb Party (Original Mix) - Spencer & Hill

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