16 April 2009

Mickey Moonlight - Remixes

Mickey Moonlight is an enigmatic producer from London, he makes awesome-ly experimental housey/space disco-ey worldtronica, remembered as the "whaaa?" inspiring addition to Ed Banger early last year. He is the leader of a small artist collective, and founder of flesh records, which is the home of Zongamin, another awesome experimental producer with a similar aesthetic, who can also be seen in Mickey Moonlight's music video for Interplanetary Music.
Mickey also toured with Soulwax for Radio Soulwax, so he comes with a pretty good stamp of approval (both Soulwax and Busy P). I highly recommend him, its a really original style and i love the experimental stuff so check it out.

Anyways one thing i've really enjoyed by him are his remixes, So I am giving them to you,

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