18 April 2009

I love dance music but...

There are certain things that can never be forgotten in my world. Okkervil River always remains a constant for me. Their songs and lyrics just blow me away. While most people find that feeling with Neutral Milk Hotel (and don't get me wrong I do), this band just has something extra for me then Neutral Milk Hotel, I can't explain it. One of my favorite bands of all time, and as I've been listening to this a bunch more lately here is a short post.

You love a stone,
because it's dark and it's old,
and if it could start
being alive
you'd stop living alone.
And I think I believe that,
if stones could dream,
they'd dream of being laid
and turned into a castle
for some towering queen
they're unable to know.

And when that queen's daughter
came of age,
I think she'd be lovely
and stubborn and brave,
and suitors would journey
from kingdoms away
just to make themselves known.

Go get the song here.

And my favorite video of Okkervil River along with an amazing song which (Gregory) you need to hear:

I remember sitting watching this video for like 2 days straight wishing I could rip it into an mp3, and then I figured out how to.

How I went from listening to Black Sheep Boy every single day of my life to bumpin dance music I have no idea. I'm not gonna link Black Sheep Boy because I bought it, and I think it's worth buying.

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