15 April 2009

Eclectic House

There's nothing really unifying about this post except that all these songs would fall under house, so I'm calling this the Eclectic House post. Enjoy these tunes, all are highly recommended:

Don't Let Me Down (David Tort Remix) - Eddie Thoneick Feat. Michael Feiner
This is an awesome minimal/tech house track that would destroy any crowd. I have a few more David Tort tracks that are good, but not as good as this, so let me know if you're interested and I'll get them to you.

Love You Baby (Dabruck & Klein Vocal Mix) - Out Of Office
Massive electro house. Going to do some more looking into Dabruck & Klein for sure.

Gum Attack - Djedjotronic
Incredible. Dancey and housey as hell. Reminds me of Shadow Dancer. The best part about this song is that after the intro, I'm pretty sure he never repeats himself exactly, or at least I can't tell if he does. Attention to detail and variation. Bravo.

Robot Replica - Jeff Mills
NOT A DANCE TRACK. I'm actually rather perplexed as to what I'd call this. I guess this is techno? Whatever it is, it's a very fun and interesting listen.

The Sound Of The Big Babou - Laurent Garnier
I really like this track a lot. Really great choice of sounds.

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