24 April 2009

C'est Un Post de TTC!!!

TTC are the kings of parisian underground hip-hop, an electro/house inspired pop-rap trio consisting of Cuizinier (Yelle's less favored ex), Teki Latex(aspiring king of pop/house dj), and Tido Berman as MCs. Usually they are accompanied by DJ Orgasmic, but are also frequently produced by artists like Para One, Modeselektor, Tacteel, among others. They also have had countless collaborations that are all pretty cool(L'Armée des 12 par example). Each of the members have released solo works, cuizinier's being my favorite. I've Decided to post some of my favorite tracks of theirs, i hope you'll see why i like them, if hearing modeselektor drop a couple of these tracks in montpellier that night wasn't enough (bastille>). Anyways have fun listening>
TTC - Ambition This is my favorite song by them, para one raps on this one!
Gorillaz - El Mañana (TTC Remix) Another awesome para one production, absolutely amazing
Modeselektor - Dancing Box (feat. TTC) modeselektor's production for them is so sick
TTC - Coffeeshop (feat. D'Oz) some early TTC back from 2001
Cuizinier - Regarde Dans Mes Yeux Some songs from cuizinier's pour les filles mixtapes

PS. Michael J. Fox=Awesome

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