29 March 2009

Yellow Magic Orchestra

Since I wasn't at Ultra, I was doing my normal liberal arts college weekend all the meanwhile wondering what was going on at Ultra.  However, a few friends of mine (including Myles and my future roommate Nate) formed a funk band with some other guys here called Mad Wow Disease and played their first show.  Unbelievable.  I had such an amazing time and really am pumped to see them again.
On a side note, I decided I'd check out some of the Yellow Magic Orchestra tracks that I had downloaded a while ago in the hopes that I'd go through them one day for samples.  I stumbled upon this gem.  The quality is shit, but it's a cool song.  It's got a very disco house bass line, but instead it goes in the 80's, synth pop, classic electro direction, as french/disco house wasn't really in existence then, and these guys were pioneering this sound along with Kraftwerk anyways.

And if you ever want to grab some of their albums, you can grab them HERE.

BONUS:  Cat Stevens does DISCO

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