29 March 2009

Vitalic O.K. Cowboy CD 2

I'm sure most people already had this and of course I'm just behind as usual, but here is the second cd that comes with Vitalic's O.K. Cowboy collectors edition: O.K. Cowboy Collectors Edition CD 2
And here is Vitalic Live. Just for Kicks.

There's some really good stuff on both, I definitely recommend going through both of them.

I'm really just waiting for a new Vitalic banger and the wait is becomming unsettling. He said he was in the studio making another album in like 2006 (might have been 05); so either he gave up or he's taking a long time to finish it.

1 comment:

  1. Didn't know about the second cd actually, thanks. Can't wait for that new track on that video.