10 March 2009

Rabbit In The Moon

Rabbit In The Moon is a multi genre experiment. It's some combination between psychedelic, trance, electro house, I don't even know how to accurately describe this music. I saw that they were headlining one of the stages at last year's EDC, so I downloaded their newest album Decade and did not approve. However, upon giving it another listen, this shit is awesome. It's trippy, dancey; the whole fucking album makes you feel like you've just woken up on the floor of a rave to the realization that you've been dosed with something and it doesn't seem to be getting any weaker. Despite weather or not that sounds appealing in the slightest, this album is well worth a listen, and its one of those that goes down best in one sitting.
Also, their live show is supposed to be nothing short of spectacular. Apparently it's as much an art exhibit as a concert.

Hopefully they'll be at EDC again and we'll have a chance to see this. They ARE playing at Ultra (cough cough).

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