30 March 2009

Elena's Eruo Dance Birthday Party

Tonight, I got the pleasure of DJing for Elena's birthday party.  And yes, it is, or was I guess, a Sunday.  She's from Bulgaria, so she requested a lot of Euro House, especially the likes of David Guetta.  I went for 3 hours, playing tons of different stuff, even got to lay down some Flying Lotus and Ratatat beats while a kid from our dorm free styled over them, and well I might add.  But I also got a new challenge, as she handed me a few CDs during the show and asked me to play some of the songs from it.  I popped it into my computer and listened to them in iTunes, and they were Bulgarian songs, sort of like eastern hip-hop-ish around 180 BPM.  Some of them were songs off the Garden State soundtrack, the fuck am I supposed to do with that?  I thought I'd post some of the songs I ended up having to mix on the spot; it was a very interesting experience.  Track 10 I actually ended up mixing into Paper Planes (DFA Remix) - M.I.A. which worked quite nicely and went over really well.

Track 1 - Unkown Artist (to me at least)


  1. I just want to point out that the picture for this post could easily be found on the cover of some gay porn... not that i know what gay porn covers look like, but, um, yeah... anyway, how about them yankees?

  2. p.s. the fact that it's called Euro Dance Party doesn't help much with the whole not being gay porn thing

  3. I picked that picture to make a point about David Guetta